This luxurious new product is the result of our dedication to create a 100% chemical-free elixir that protects and nourishes the body by combining age-old wisdom with new technology.

What sets KENKAI cosmetics apart is the exclusive use of substances, acquired through special non-chemical procedures. We make sure that the ingredients are 100% natural and pure and there is no trace of any chemically processed ingredients or any irritant additives.

KENKAI beauty products are specifically designed to enhance the body and all our serums are made with high quality minerals and potent seaweed extracts. We gather our substances from the purest waters of the sea and process them organically.

Due to the unique combination of purely organic substances, our serums maintain their natural effectiveness and original strength without the use of any chemical preservatives.

Our company policy is to respect the environment and recycle. Therefore, all materials in our packaging are recyclable.


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