MEDITERANEA Ltd. was founded in 1993 as a skincare products manufacturing firm. Our products are based on research of all-natural skincare products that consist mainly of rare marine substances, namely algae extracts and sea elements. We recognize the seas and oceans as the world's largest natural pharmacy and thus feel privileged to gain from its treasures.

It is our company policy to use only 100% natural ingredients, which do not contain any animal substances, preservatives, perfumes, or synthetic substances. Our products are completely non-allergenic and not tested on animals.

KENKAI products have been developed and produced with the latest scientific and dermatological research.

Our KENKAI Skin Care serums are manufactured in the European Union which is at the source of our products special ingredients. They are processed and packaged by the international pharmaceutical co-operant Sandoz Group company.

In association with our subsidiary companies in London, Slovenia and Tokyo we also market and supply our products to the European and Asian markets.


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