Brine is a natural product, a liquid, obtained through the process of sea salt production. This valuable liquid known as the “mother of all waters” that remains on the bottom of salt basins is a true elixir for the skin.

Under special conditions in the salt pans the sea water crystallizes into salt. As the crystallized salt is removed, a dense concentrated fluid – brine – remains. What is so extraordinary about brine is that it contains very high concentrations of iodine, bromine, magnesium, sulfur and other important minerals. Through its dense mineral contents, brine also enriches the clay that forms the bottom of the pool.

Even today, brine is obtained the traditional way, which is of great medical importance. Due to this traditional process it retains an unchanged mineral structure and contains no irritant mineral oils. Instead it contains seaweed elements.

Among other beneficial effects, Brine also has a purifying effect. It is used to absorb skin secretions such as oils and perspiration. This way it purifies the skin and is excellent for deep cleansing of the skin's surface and pores.

Due to its health benefits, brine is used by therapists in well known spas and wellness centers around Europe.


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